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OnlySuccess Leadership Academy @ Schools


The OnlySuccess Leadership Academy at Schools (OSLA), integrates the Life Skills and Leadership skills as part of the school curriculum. 

What is called the 21st Century Skills are MUST today to be successful!  OnlySuccess has structured the entire curriculum right from Standard 1 to 12 and provides the session in several schools.   The program includes Life Skills Projects, Assessments and Various Activities. 

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Be A Champ - For children from 9 - 17 years


“Every Single Child is Capable of Achieving Success” & it is all about unlocking the potentials hidden in them. ‘Be a Champ!’ is based on the most powerful learning & teaching methodologies which fosters an empowered life for the children.

OnlySuccess is the pioneer in structuring Life and Leadership Skills skills trining for children.  Be A Champ is a program delivered in various parts of the globe by seasoned trainers of OnlySuccess right from 2004. The training involves several magical moments for every child and parent

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OnlySuccess Adults Training Programs


OnlySuccess is dedicated in offering World Class Training training programs in the areas of Personal Excellence and Career excellence. These programs are designed to match the training requirements of educational institutions, corporate houses and also to there are structured training programs to the general public.  These programs are delivered using the Powerful Techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Whole Brain Learning. 

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Be a Champ! - Creating Superbkids and Superbteens - Vidyashankar


In this book, Vidya helps to design your life the way you want. He has shared with you something he does every day with thousands of students just to ensure that learning and studying is faster and you  save more time so that you can have more fun. This book will make you a topper and a great human. 

One Untold Secret of Success


Learn the greatest proven strategy of success by Vidya. This book is an outcome of Vidya’s experience of training thousands of people. He discovered one aspect that is common among successful people, making them different from the rest. This book reveals that untold secret of success.

101 Secrets of Effective Parenting


You must read this book by Vidya to create the right future for your child!

  • Simple to use methodologies of bringing out the best in your child.
  • How to make your children self motivated.
  • How to become a great role model to your child.
  •  Importance of both study and life skills and more...

Sweep Through Your Interviews


Vidya’s book to guide you through interviews. 

Using the power of NLP, this book assists people to turn interviews into job offers. Gives much larger perspective to face the interviews with more confidence and a high positive attitude.

101 Secrets of Effective Parenting


You MUST listen to this audio book to create the right future for your children! 

Be an amazing parent. Your child deserves the best! Your life is either an example or a caution to your child.

Born to Win


Vidya’s Life Transforming Audio Book 

Audio Lessons include

  • Ultimate Success Formula.
  • Master your emotions.
  • The true happiness - Enjoy the wheel of balance.
  • Power of your beliefs - You see what you want to see.
  • What you want in your life: Goals.
  • Power of words and metaphors.
  • Bonus: Vidya’s personal life learnings.

Relaxation & Stress Management


The Powerful Technique on Relaxation and Stress Management

Using the most effective techniques of NLP, #1 science of personal excellence, Vidyashankar guides you into deep relaxation. Blended with gentle music this guides into deeper relaxation and keeps the mind and body calm and relaxed.

Attract the Outcome You Deserve


You Deserve to be Happy, Joyful, Wealthy and Healthy!

In this video lesson, Vidya explains the need for certainty and makes you understand the various steps involved in igniting you with the special power to attract. He performs the various steps which forms the ‘Attract the Outcome You Deserve’ with live audience.

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